What is the prize-pool for the league?
There is 12K weekly crystal prize-pool for the top three (3) teams with a possibility of additions in the future.

When does the league start?
We will start within the next couple of weeks. There will be multiple announcements before the league starts so you definitely won’t miss it!

Can I join after the start?
Yes, there will be a number of qualification weeks and your team will be able to play in any of them! Check the rules (found in #tournament-info-and-rules channel) for more details on this topic.

Is this league PC-only? Are consoles allowed?
With the current state of aim-assist we cannot allow console players/teams to compete. Using aim-assist shall qualify as using aimbots or equivalent software, and would be subject to a team's disqualification under sections 1.3.5, 1.4.6 and 1.5.6.
Note: these restrictions are subject to change in the future. Should these restrictions be changed/altered a community-wide notice shall be issued.

Where can I see who qualified for the league?
Every team that made it to the Closed Stage and beyond gets its own unique role and colour on the official GCSL: Paladins discord server. Additionally you can head over to our website (https://www.gcsleague.com/), where you can find the list of all qualified teams and their rosters.

Where can I see the rosters of qualified teams?
Every team that made it to the Closed Stage and beyond gets its own unique role and colour on the official GCSL: Paladins discord server. Alternatively, rosters of qualified teams can be found on our website https://www.gcsleague.com/.

When is GCSL streamed?
On Sundays, usually at 8 PM regional time (you can find out more about the time zones deemed as region-defining in GCSL: Paladins Tournament Official Rules and Guidelines).
How long is one season of GCSL: Paladins Tournament?
Typically, one season takes approximately 22 weeks (around 5-6 months) to complete, but this may vary depending on circumstances.

Where do I sign up my team for qualification stage?
Check the announcements channel to find out if the sign-ups are open at this time. The sign-up form can be found in the appropriate channel in the tournament section of the GCSL: Paladins discord server.

When do the games start?
The league is usually played on Saturdays at 8 PM regional time. You can find out more about the time zones deemed as region-defining in GCSL: Paladins Tournament Official Rules and Guidelines .

I just saw a moderator or member of staff break the rules.
GCSL has a clear vertical structure which you can find out more in the league rules (found in #tournament-info-and-rules channel). If you saw someone break these rules you can report this to his/her superior(s). For example, if you have witnessed a moderator break any community/tournament rules, you should report this immediately to a member of GCSL: Paladins Staff. If you think this will not help you can contact a member of GCSL management (Kappa#9223; Bübba#2241 or Danish#2852).

Are the matches Bo1?
No, all matches played as part of GCSL: Paladins Tournament Qualification and GCSL: Paladins Tournament Closed Stage are Bo3. Season semifinals, loser’s final and grand final are Bo5, Bo7 and Bo9 respectively.

Why are the brackets single-elimination in qualification stage?
Because every team has up to ten (10) chances of qualifying: you can play in all ten qualification weeks (provided that the team in question did not win in any of those weeks).
Which team gets to pick/ban the first map? Who gets first pick?
Lower seed team has the right to ban a map first, after which each team takes turns banning up to two (2) maps each. First map to be played is also picked by lower seed team. Higher seed team gets first pick in the draft phase of the first map. The higher seed team picks second map of the match and lower seed gets first pick. After this point, the next map to be played is picked by the losing team.

What server do we play on?
If two teams are from the same region (EU or NA) then the match should be played on the server of that region. RU servers may be used in place of EU servers, as RU sometimes has a better connection. If two teams from different regions are playing a match versus each other then the first game should be played on the servers corresponding to the lower seed team’s region, after which the server region shall alternate every game. Additionally, LATAM servers may be used in place of NA servers, but only in case(s) when two teams registered as belonging to the NA region are facing off.

My team lost in a qualification week, what now?
Your team can try again next week, unless this was the last qualification week this season. If it was, an additional qualification week may be announced under certain circumstances, so don’t lose your hopes just yet!

My team won in a qualification week, what now?
Congratulations, you have qualified for GCSL: Paladins Tournament! Your team will be forbidden from taking part in the following weeks of Qualification Stage, but the good news is that you have made it to the next stage: Closed Stage. Details regarding the start of Closed Stage will be announced after the end of Qualification Stage.