They fought hard and long for it, but our winners have been decided. Imperium crowns themselves king of SEA and takes home the win!

New day, new game, new tournament. 
Welcome Total War into our supported games.

With an amazing group of staff, moderaters and referees we're ready to take this on, but are you?

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After 8 weeks of Qualification Stage, 8 weeks of Closed Stage, the top 4 teams managed to get a place into Play Off Stage. What will they bring here?

Teams going to Play Off:
1) Imperium
2) Slime
3) Reaper No TItsu
4) Tiger Mafia

Get ready for some steamy matches as these teams will be facing each other this Saturday and show off their skills on stream this upcoming Sunday on

These matches will be streamed on march 20th.

These amazing teams are getting ready to face each other in another week of GCSL Closed Stage.

Slowly but surely we're getting closer to deciding our play off teams.

A new week, new teams, new chances. 
None of these teams are ready to give up and it's showing.

Come watch the clash at each other on our Twitch this Sunday at 8 PM SGT / 1 PM CET.

The Reapers showed their worth and took the win once again. Imperium took slime out for dinner and brought them home. 

Sadly Enigma had to pull out because of internal issues. We wish them nothing but the best!

New week, new chances. Right? Well that's definitely the case for Deathly Hallows who will be playing their first set versus a current top 3 contender. Will they show how hallow they truly are or are they simply gonna get reaped?

Can't forget Imperium and Slime either, They're both up to show what they can bring to the playing field. 

Tune in on our Twitch this Sunday at 8 PM SGT / 1 PM CET.

After an amazing week, a guest appearance from the one and only b0nkar, insane plays and even greater words from our casters, this is the score of the played matches.

A new set of teams is getting ready to take it off against each other. Who of these titans will prevail?

Tune in on our Twitch this Sunday at 8 PM SGT / 1 PM CET.

After a some hard and sweaty fights the first teams took their points onto the leaderboard.

Will the losing teams make a come back? Or will our current top teams choke somewhere in the upcoming weeks?
Be sure to watch!

Closed Stage is peeking around the corner!
Some of the strongest teams in SEA will take it off against each other in the first week of GCSL: Closed Stage.

Tune in on our Twitch this Sunday at 8 PM SGT / 1 PM CET.