We are a new eSports organisation dedicated to bringing the best of competitive eSports to gamers across the world. And with monetary prizes to boot! We pride ourselves in being an organisation run "by gamers, for gamers"  and focus all of our coffee-fueled energy into making the GCSL experience the best it could possibly be.


GCSL is comprised of two levels of management:

  1. Top management;
  2. branch staff.

Top management are three people: Danish, Kappa and Bübba.

  • Danish has management experience of various eSports teams and eSports related organisations with two years under his belt. This includes multiple Paladins eSports teams, multi-discipline eSports organisation and a videogame regiment. In parallel with his management duties Danish also proved himself to be a capable eSports coach helping out multiple Paladins teams reach their potential
  • Kappa started out his involvement with eSports as a player quickly rising through management positions eventually becoming co-owner of a multi-discipline eSports organisation in the span of one year.
  • Bübba has extensive management experience having assisted in running a charity in 2017 as well as a youth group. Additionally, Bübba has managed multiple eSports teams over the course of 1,5 years.


Local Staff consists of two awesome people: Oneeza/Eza and KarmaStrikes.

Aiding in our quest for the best Paladins: Champions of the Realm league possible are our trusty moderators and casters: Aggrasive, Beardedgunner21, Blanc, Acid, Saazer125 and Monster37.